Michael Franks Cancels Festival Performance as Mandated by Doctor

We regret to announce legendary jazz musician, Michael Franks, will not be able to perform at this year’s Long Beach Jazz Festival due to a severe case of the flu. Under doctors’ orders, Michael Franks, is forced to cancel his engagements in both Long Beach and Richmond. Franks has been advised to remain in bed for the duration of his recovery. In 43 years of touring and performing all over the world, this marks only the second time he has ever had to cancel a show. Michael sends his love to all of his fans and supporters, and looks forward to performing for you all again soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael as we wish him a speedy recovery. Please note, we are adding another act on Friday night and will be announcing the new addition in the next few days. Thank you all for your support, we look forward to seeing you this weekend.