All acts advertised have confirmed their appearance; however acts and times are subject to change without notice.

The following items will be permitted for entry into the Festival:

•    Two-Wheeled, Fold Up Carts ONLY •    Picnic Baskets •    Coolers Up To 40 Quarts •    Plastic Utensils •    Plastic Food Containers •    Factory-Sealed Plastic Beverage Containers •    A Sand Chair for Lawn Seating (low-back preferred) •    Umbrellas and High-back Chairs are allowed ONLY AGAINST THE BACK WALL OR WEST OF THE LAGOON.

To assure a safe and enjoyable festival experience for all, please note that the following items will NOT be permitted into the Festival: STRICTLY ENFORCED –

•    NO Wagons •    NO Alcoholic Beverages •    NO Thermoses •    NO Open Containers •    NO Still Cameras or camera equipment with large, zoom, or detachable lenses •    NO Video Equipment •    NO Footstools or Footrests •    NO Portable Grills •    NO Tables or “Blow Up “ Furniture of any kind •    NO Glass or Metal Containers •    NO Aluminum Cans •    NO Metal Utensils or Miscellaneous Metal or Sharp Objects •    NO Coolers over 40 Quarts •    NO PETS (except approved service animals with proper paperwork. You must sign a waiver at the Festival entrance •    NO Unauthorized Vendors Please note: ALL personal belongings WILL BE SEARCHED at the entrance, so please adhere to all rules to avoid a delay to others during the entry process. Vendors from all over the region will display their food & wares.  Beer, Wine, and Alcoholic beverages will be on sale at the festival site. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS. RAIN OR SHINE. LOST TICKETS WILL NOT BE REPLACED. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.  YOU ASSUME ALL RISK AND DANGER INCIDENTAL TO THE EVENT AND YOU AGREE THAT THE MANAGEMENT, ITS AGENTS, AND THE PERFORMERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY INJURIES RESULTING FROM SUCH CAUSES. NO TRANSMISSION OR AIDING IN TRANSMITTING ANY DESCRIPTION, ACCOUNT, PICTURE, OR REPRODUCTION OF THE EVENT, GAME, PERFORMANCE, OR EXHIBITION IS ALLOWED. YOU HEREBY CONSENT TO THE REASONABLE SEARCH FOR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, DRUGS, OR WEAPONS. YOU FURTHER CONSENT TO THE USE OF YOUR IMAGE OR LIKENESS INCIDENTAL TO ANY DISPLAY, TRANSMISSION, OR REPRODUCTION OF THE EVENT. MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADMISSION OR EJECT ANY PERSON WHOSE CONDUCT IS DEEMED BY MANAGEMENT TO BE DISORDERLY OR WHO FAILS TO COMPLY WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS HEREIN.